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About US


Suppose you have wondered what’s happening behind the scenes of everyday life. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Step into the Eternal Universe in a fresh and fun new way. A new comic book company exploring a niche area of comics not talked a lot about. We make comic books inspired by the Bible and Christian views with some fantasy elements in an exciting way with a modern action-thriller theme. Our First book, “The Eternal Battles Above and Below,” is a modern action-thriller that portrays a Global Battle Between God and Satan over the lives and souls of humanity where Spiritual and Physical Warfare cross paths. We will create several action thriller books with Biblical ideas interwoven within one Universe. Our books have fun and exciting action-filled storytelling with a Biblical foundation.

Welcome To Holy Fire Comics. I’m Kadesh Sanders, Founder of Holy Fire Comics. This comic book company came in light of distortions of many of our favorite comic book characters. As a gamer, I also found that many games were adaptations of comic books. As a Christian, There are very few comics based on Christian literature. I wanted to explore this niche. My journey took me from creating a book to Starting a comic book company. Our Ethics Are Staying true to The Father, son, and spirit.

Respecting the Customers, we want to create a community of comic fans, artists, and Christians. We invite feedback so that we can continue to improve our content but keep it respectful. Our website has a forum for fans to discuss Comic books and biblical topics and a fan art page for artists who’d want to share their art with the community; don’t post anything too explicit. All our Books Take place in one universe, with no multi-verses or erasing events. We must keep you invested in our stories. I’m funding this Project; we hope to expand into other forms of media, such as video games or movies, as we grow. I’m very excited for you to see what we’ve been working on, and I know many of you will love my story. Our first book, ” The Eternal Battles Above and Below “, Portrays an epic battle between god and Satan for the fate of humanity, told like never before. Visit www. Holy Fire Comics.com to order a copy. Thanks for your support, and God bless.